Winter Updates For Your Home

  The holidays are fun - merry and bright and all that... but we all know the long cold months of January and February loom ahead. Before you ring in the new year, consider planning some home improvement projects that will have you singing "there's no place like home" in 2018! There are many things you can do without a major renovation that will add value and beauty to your home.
  • Add The Splash To Your Backsplash
Many people think that adding a backsplash, or redoing a backsplash is a small part of a larger job. But if you have drywall or tile back there, changing it up may not be as big a project as you think! Talking to an AK pro you can get an idea of all the options you have to update and change the look and style of your kitchen with a relatively simple change!

  • Trim The Walls
After trimming the tree has passed, take a look around at your walls: Do you have crown molding everywhere you want it? Do you want higher baseboards? Maybe wainscotting in a bathroom or foyer? Even adding some faux beams to the ceiling for a more rustic look! Custom trim adds so much personality and style to a home. AK's team can assist with design, installation, painting and else you need. Most small trim projects don't take more than 1-2 days!

  • Swap Out Some Doors
Replacing interior doors is an affordable way to give your home an updated look. Builder grade doors get dirty, scratched and easily damaged. There are so many styles of doors that will suit the look and feel of your home and really add a custom, luxury, look. Most doors don't just fall into place so AK can help with hanging, trimming, hardware and much more. You'll be amazed by the change!


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