Elegant Navy Kitchens: 2017's Hot Color

  Navy blue is an elegant, classic and even serious color. In it's truest form Navy blue appears almost black; so it's no wonder why Navy is the "new black" for 2017 home design. Interestingly, the color gets it's name from the British Royal Navy, who wore dark blue uniforms. This may be also why Navy has developed a masculine and powerful association over the years.

   But don't let that history dissuade you from using it in a multitude of applications - from nurseries, to living rooms and kitchens - Navy can be a dramatic and timeless choice.  Houzz contributor Samantha Schoech says "pair it with crisp white and you get a brisk maritime feel — think yachting with the Kennedys. Put it with bright colors — lime green, bright pink and sunny yellow look great with navy — and you get something modern and vivacious." 

    Here are some of our favorite ideas on using this color in the heart of the home, the kitchen.

Via Pinterest

A navy blue kitchen island creates a high-end, custom feel to an otherwise neutral space. Navy pairs so well with white as well as cream. Consider a Marakesh Cream Tile floor with this stunning cabinetry.  

Via Pinterest

Contrasting cabinetry is another kitchen trend that is a great way to incorporate navy cabinets. Shaker style cabinets and white subway tile keep this look simple and classic while the Navy makes a bold statement.

Via Sabon Home Tumblr

A Navy blue pattern backsplash gives this rustic chic kitchen a designer feel. Light fixtures and fabrics would be more changeable ways to incorporate a bold accent color into a kitchen.


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