Basement Remodeling - The Top Trends & Best Ideas

   Requests for basement remodeling or basement finishing around Atlanta have gone up over 50% in 2017.  For many homeowners, their basement space has been a location full of untapped potential. Often times just left and used for storage, now that home prices have rebounded and home equity is rising homeowners are ready to invest in this great space.

   Long ago, basements were seen as a "hidden" place to create a kids playroom or an in-law suite. And while these are still popular options, most basements serve multiple purposes today. Have a look at some of the most popular design requests we're seeing for Atlanta basements!
Open Concept Basement On Pinterest

  • Open Concept Basements - Open may seem like a strange way to described an often underground room, however much like the rest of your home, open floor plans can be used to create a multi-purpose space!
  • Open TV Space - Home theaters had a ring of luxury a few years ago; having a private dedicated movie-theater like space seemed like the ultimate in basement desires. However most families are finding an open TV space is actually a more practical way to use their space - more open plans, less partitions, means more can gather together and the space feels larger!
  • Guest Suites - Adding a guest bedroom has always been a popular idea, but these days adding
    Basement Bedroom On Pinterest
    a whole guest suite is preferable. These can be for over-night or extended stay guests and offer their own kitchen space and bathroom. Imagine how enjoyable hosting the in-laws would be with a dedicated and well appointed suite in the basement?
  • Home Gyms - Busy homeowners who still find it hard to fit in their gym time and their family time often seek for a solution from a home gym. A private space to store equipment, play music and even have a steam room or shower are popular requests for those with space in their basement!


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