What If Madonna Was A Kitchen?

   We heard someone describing the iconic style of Audrey Hepburn the other day. Timeless. Strong Lines. Tailored. High End. Use Of Color. We immediately thought of what that style would look like...if it were a kitchen.

   Now fashion and interior design are not very different animals. Popular style in one often translates in to the other; most recently the use of geometric prints and shades of gray. Therefore seeing similarities is a celebrity wardrobe and a trending kitchen is not that unusual. But we were wondering about the real icons - like Audrey Hepburn, Madonna, Grace Kelly, etc. - could their unique style translate into interior design? Can an expertly designed space add the je ne sais quoi to the materials and products?

   We wanted to take a look, and see if we could match a kitchen to some celebrity icons. These spaces below are not the celebrities' actual kitchens, these are the ones that remind us of them. We'd love to get your opinion - Did we hit the nail on the head or miss the mark?


Is this a "Madonna Kitchen?"
We see these as her style elements:

Grace Kelly

Is This A Grace Kelly Kitchen?

Or This?

We feel her style would appreciate the old stand-bys, antique pieces and the simple parts of life.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Does this kitchen ooze SJP's style?

Or this?

  If your style was embodied in a kitchen, what would it look like?


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