2016 Kitchen Design Trends

It's another year, and with that comes a huge number of new home design trends. These 2016 trends are based upon what AK designers are seeing from our clients and additionally the interest from metro Atlanta homeowners. 

These are remodeling and design trends that you can bet on seeing in the crop of 2016 kitchen remodels around Atlanta!  
Warm Metals Design Crush: Amy Meier

Warm Metals Are On The Rise- Step aside silver tones, hotter gold completions are en route
in. Following quite a while of brushed nickel, chrome and cleaned nickel being the most well known completions for apparatuses, hotter brilliant tones are making a colossal rebound. 
Simplified Styles Are Best - This is the year we keep our kitchens spotless and uncomplicated. A couple of things you can hope to see are straightforward profiles and level section entryways. Plans will likewise fare thee well not to present an excess of materials or hues. 

Cooler Tones Are Still Cool  - Cooler shades are the shade of decision this year. Known for
being quiet and relieving, they are connected with water, sky and cooler temperatures. Samples on this shading range incorporate dim, blue and white. You can hope to see these hues consolidated in an assortment of ways, including cupboards, backsplashes or accent hues. 

Backsplashes Are Making A Splash - Backsplashes will keep on being smooth and lovely, yet with limited grout lines. You can hope to see glass tile backsplash, vibrant patters, color and geometric designs.

Smart Storage - Design ideas keep on enhancing, prompting a plenty of custom inserts, dividers, coordinators and pull-outs. These add another level of comfort and effectiveness to your space, whether putting away plates, utensils or flavors. 

Steam Ovens Are Hot -  Convection steam oven are grabbing hold. This new machine utilizes
steam to defrost, heat, moderate cook and warm sustenance things. Advantages incorporate offering your sustenance some assistance with retaining a greater amount of its vital vitamins and supplements. On the other hand, this new appliance isn't going to take up precious space in your kitchen or change the look and feel. Rather, it will supplant or show up nearby the microwave. 

TV  - It appears that TVs may be viewed as a standard 'kitchen appliance' in 2016. Whether it is to take after alongside your most loved cooking appears or find the news while making breakfast, TVs are getting to be ordinary in the kitchen. With such a variety of choices for customization, creators can flawlessly include a corner, retire or set of pocket entryways that consolidate this media part consistently into the design.

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