Why We Love To Remodel Marietta Homes

  For those poor souls who don't live in or around Marietta, Georgia...let us tell you a little bit about this wonderful city. Marietta is the largest city in Cobb County with about 59,000 residents. The first city plat was laid out in 1833, depicting a quaint town built around a city square that still exists today! Though many places in Marietta were set on fire during the first strike of General Sherman's "March To The Sea" in 1864, many historic homes and sites still stand. The Oakton House in Marietta has
been continuously occupied since 1838 and the original barn, milk house, smoke house and well still stand on the remaining five acre property.

  Homeowners in Historic Marietta enjoy close proximity to the Marietta Square with restaurants, antique shops, specialty shops, museums, theaters, and turn of the century architecture. With a variety of home sizes and styles Historic Marietta is also convenient to Kennestone Hospital, Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield, and concerts in the park. Every year Marietta hosts the popular Marietta Pilgrimage Home Tour which features 6 private historic homes all restored and decorated for the season!

  You can see why we think Marietta is a pretty fantastic place, and why so much rich history has led to the growth of a community that lives in the past, present and future. And that is why we love to remodel Marietta homes...

  • The History
  Even newer homes or homes that are not officially deemed historic hold within them a heritage of the city it stands on. The new homes are beautiful and luxurious family-centric spaces while the older ones are being renovated and restored with such care. The homes in Marietta show the great pride their owners have!
The Hagood-Sheeler-Musolf House, c. 1929

  • The People
 We might be a little biased, but we have the best clients on the planet. Our Marietta remodeling clients have been some of the most wonderful, fun and kind people we have met. We have been able to explore all styles and trends in homes around Marietta and it is the variety of people and styles that really adds interest and spice to the city!

  • The Style
    Marietta grew as one of the first "suburbs" in the country. After the civil war this city would help invent a distinctly American form of house. The American Craftsman style and the Arts and Crafts movement created some incredibly interesting bungalows around Marietta that now flow seamlessly into the eclectic revival homes of the later 20th century. 

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