Why We Want To Redo Our Homes

Why do we redesign our homes? Why do we feel the need to renew, refresh and remodel?
Imagine this: You're a homeowner. You love your home...But there are a few things you'd like to change about it. Does this sound familiar? For most of us this scenario is no stretch of the imagination. This is our everyday life!
Maybe you're running out of storage, or maybe the storage you have is all wrong for what you need to store! This might make the house feel constantly cluttered and lead you to constant feelings of stress because you can never keep up with the mess.
Maybe you love to cook and entertain, but the home you fell in love with in the perfect neighborhood in the perfect school system has an itty bitty kitchen that was designed with no workspace and no room for guests. You feel shut-in when you use the kitchen and when you have people over you have to miss out on the fun to prep the food and drinks.
Or maybe you have an old bathroom that is starting to slowly deteriorate. First it was the cracking caulk and the shower floor that just never looks clean. Then the tile grout is crumbling and the old hideous wallpaper is finally starting to peel in places. Every morning you wake up to this ugly space and every night it's the last thing before you go to bed. Using your master bathroom leaves you feeling aggravated instead of refreshed and ready.
So why do we remodel? 
It's not just for aesthetics It's not just to keep up with the Joneses. We remodel because it makes our lives better.
Home is where the heart is; and this is more than just a over-used cliche. When our home is in order, our hearts and our brains are in order. We are able to stop stressing over the clutter, the outdated fixtures, the peeling wallpaper and we are able to live our lives to the fullest in the spaces that we love!
You don't remodel because you want to spend your days worrying about trendy backsplash tiles or the best convection oven; you remodel so you don't have to

Using your own kitchen, your own bathroom, should be effortless and enjoyable. Is that how it is in your home? Tell us on Facebook:AK on FB


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