Which Layout Is Right For Your Kitchen

  We frequently talk about the fact that each kitchen is as unique as the family that uses it. No two kitchens are ever the same! But there are common design principles and ideas that guide most of AK's kitchen designs. From galley kitchens to U-shaped, L-shaped and everything in-between, our remodeling team can tailor each kitchen space to your unique needs. Here are some basic kitchen design recommendations based on your space:
  •   In a kitchen broken up by several doorways, the solution might  be an island-based layout that divides the
    AK Kitchen Design
    kitchen space into five zones: cooking, food storage, baking, breakfast, and meal prep/clean up. Using this design idea, wide foot-traffic lanes throughout the space promote easy movement to and from the kitchen, as well as around the island.
  • The "L-shape-with-island" layout has become popular in contemporary design. The configuration can accommodate a long island while enclosing the kitchen on only two sides, leaving the room mostly open to adjacent living areas. A long L trades the traditional work triangle approach for widely separated zones -- one for cooking, one for prep/clean up, and one for food storage. The island acts as a way station -- an intermediate stop between zones.
  • An L-plus-island layout is the epitome of efficiency and simplicity. The island sink, range, and refrigerator
    AK Kitchen Design
    can form a perfect right triangle, allowing the cook equal access to the three main kitchen elements.

  • A basic U-shape layout combines galley efficiency and intimacy with the openness of contemporary plans. One hardworking wall could hold the refrigerator, cooktop, and a wall oven. A sink sharing a second wall with the dishwasher, forms a convenient cleanup zone.A two-level island would complete the kitchen, providing prep space for the cook and an eating/beverage bar for guests.


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