The 6 Things You Must Include In Your Bathroom Remodel

   Bathroom remodeling is still the number one top requested, most searched and most executed home remodeling project this year! Hanley Wood even found that 58% of those planning a renovation in 2014, were planning a bathroom renovation. That's a huge number considering the hundreds of possibilities that exist for home redesign and remodeling! But what are these 58% of homeowners putting in the new bathrooms? 

By AK Renovations
#1 - More than four in ten are taking the tub OUT of the master bath!  Large showers have a great appeal to all ages! Over-sized walk-in showers with seating and even accessible design components are becoming more commonplace than the exception. Whereas many thought the tub was a must for resale value, even some realtors are now saying this old rule no longer applies.

#2 - Still in the shower, young homeowners have a rain shower on the list while older homeowners request a hand shower. What can you learn from this? Multiple spray options are key!

#3 - Frameless shower glass. Though this carries a slightly larger price tag than it's framed counterpart, frameless glass gives even a simple shower a high-end, custom look. It opens a shower area like adding a window does to a room. 

#4 - Water closets. Surveys show these are neither a "must" or a "don't" - but goodness knows a comfortable place for the toilet is of great importance when planing a bathroom remodel. Take the time to go over the pluses and minuses with your contractor of all the options your space can offer.

#5 - Lots of lighting! Whether it's a large glass block window in the shower, etched glass behind the tub or even a chandelier, sconces and an LED showerhead... several light sources are needed in one bathroom. Not only for things like dressing, makeup, etc. but also for safety and visual appeal of the space.

#6 - In the end, it's all about the upgrades. When those 58% of homeowners were asked WHY they wanted to remodel their bathroom, the majority of them said it was to upgrade their fixtures and features. Keep this in mind when you're deciding on your remodeling budget. If you don't put in what you really want now, are you going to regret it in 3 years when you're itching to renovate again? 


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