Custom Glass Countertops: Glass ART by MAILHOT

  Glass kitchen countertops are becoming a sought after statement piece for unique kitchen
remodeling. Equally as durable (glass counters are heat-, stain-, and scratch-resistant) and as easy to maintain as stone countertops, glass countertops can cost about the same per square foot as some granite. 

  Whether the glass is translucent or colored, smooth, or embedded with texture, remodeling clients can combine glass countertops with other elements in the kitchen to make a big statement—think lighting installed beneath the counter for a backlit feel, or glass infused with bright color (aqua, turquoise and other shades of blue are popular shades) for an added artistic touch. 

  Like other surfaces, glass kitchen countertops can be custom-designed to your specifications—without seams, with a contemporary finish, or used as an accent, such as as a raised breakfast bar on an island. The benefit of glass is that the look is light-and-bright, airy and contemporary—a very different look from cold, hard stone surfaces.  Retail prices for custom glass countertops, like those from ThinkGlass, can range from approximately $200 - $400 U.S. per square foot, including cut-outs (sink, cooktop, faucets) and edge treatments. 


     The works of art below my Michel MAILHOT are beautiful examples of the artistry custom glass can display.

  Michel MAILHOT is ThinkGlass' artistic soul and Glass Master. He has explored glass thermofusion for more than 35 years. This makes him one the most experienced craftsmen of his field in North America. Michel and his colleagues will bring life to glass matter in a truly unexpected way.

   More than texture, glass under MAILHOT's talent becomes an art form. From a simple idea, he creates very large sculptures for an office, a garden or a hallway, and turns office or residential partitions into glowing masterpieces. Here are some of his magnificent works done with ThinkGlass:
Custom Glass Countertop 


Artistic glass bar with artistic edge finish, 1.5" thick   

Impressive thick artistic glass (4") with gold inserts.




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