Atlanta Remodeling Financing Options

  AK recently partnered with AMS Financial to help our clients easily access the right financing for them for their Atlanta renovations! Even though AMS is based in Charleston, SC their helpful tools for clients are available all online. Their staff has over 50 combined years of home improvement lending experience. They have helped over 100,000 homeowners obtain financing for their remodeling and renovation projects. 

   AMS uses the vast online resources at their disposal to help homeowners find the best loan option for them. It's a fast, easy and paperless process and they have loans and credit cards available for all credit grades!

   We recently asked AMS' National Account Manager, Courtney Talmadge about AMS and what AK clients can expect when working them.

AK: What is the most popular option for homeowners looking to finance a project between $30k - $100k?

Courtney: I would say the unsecured loan programs. Also, for excellent credit we have a program with rates as low as 3.99% and terms up to 7 years. 

AK: What is the process for getting financing from AMS? 

Courtney: After they apply online, if they are approved, what does the rest of the process look like? They should be funded in about 5-7 days. They will receive either a direct deposit to their bank account, you will collect as you wish. 

Courtney also passed along these real AMS client testimonials for our AK customers to read:

I was unsure if I could qualify or even be  helped due to some credit problems and a less than perfect credit score. Using the search function on the website made it easy and painless to find the programs that were right for me and my family.    Susan M.-  Dallas, TX...

We love our new pool and we love AMS financial for making the financing so easy to research, apply and get the money. Our pool contractor was so helpful when they recommended AMS Financial and we probably would not have gotten the pool without their help.   Mark W.-  Stockton, CA...

Questions? Ready to get started? Read more about Atlanta home remodeling financing on our website here:, and click here to contact AK!


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