Is Copper A Good Topper?

  There's a reason professional chefs have relied on metal countertops for decades: they're anti-bacterial, stain resistant and add a beautiful glow to any kitchen. Metal countertops have been used in the finest kitchens for years, and now the elegance of copper and stainless steel can reside in your home. Beauty and functionality meet practicality with Copper countertops! 


Copper Countertops

  • Unlike stone, metal is nonporous (read antibacterial and stain-resistant). A recent British study highlighted copper's antibacterial skills: E coli survived on stainless steel for 34 days while on copper it lasted for only four hours.
  • Copper is recyclable - eco-friendly! Metal countertops don't require sealing or more than soap and water to clean. 
  • Copper countertops allow for a very durable surface and provides an elegant traditional kitchen look. Metal does scratch, however, so keep the cutting board handy. And when you get the inevitable etches, enjoy their character. 
  • All Copper Countertops have a Matte Finish.
  • Copper is a "living" material it is subject to Patina naturally. Dependent on the factors as humidity, acidity and usage will affect the amount and degree of tarnishing and color change. Copper can be cleaned and polished with various specialty cleansers.
  • Copper sinks can be integrated into the countertop for seamless effect


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