Monday, September 30, 2013

What Makes A Bad Kitchen?

  Ugly kitchens. We've all seen them. We may even have one! But what makes an ugly kitchen...ugly? And how can you avoid a design disaster when you're thinking of a kitchen renovation? Find out what makes a kitchen go BAD!

-Taking A Theme Too Far-
Yes, rustic and shabby chic are "IN" - But this? This is "OUT." Literally. This belongs in a fort. Add in rustic elements to a neutral palette to let your personal tastes shine through without limiting your future potential!

-Too Many Functions-

Everyone knows clutter can be a kitchen killer, case in point above, but trying to put too many functions into one space can lead to a serious clutter problem. When space in your home is limited, reduce items you store or display to the items you use daily and weekly.

-Less Is More-
Tile, tile, everywhere. The quantity of tile + the choice of dark grout creates a dizzying look. Add in the natural oak and the boxed overhead lighting and this is a NOT a kitchen anyone feeling faint. Remove just ONE of these elements (preferably all 3) and the feel would dramatically change!

-DIY Gone Awry-
This could also fall under the category of "Taking A Theme Too Far" and "Less Is More." Matching your range to your cabinets might sound good in theory, but the actual application can be a nightmare! If you are redesigning your own kitchen remember the pro's trick of COMPLIMENTING colors, textures and patterns - not matching!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Goodbye Master Bath!

  Farewell. Adios. Tchau. Train says there are 50 ways to say goodbye. We think the best way is with a 'riiiiiip' as you say goodbye to all the old fixtures in your old master bath and get ready to welcome the new!

    You can see AK's latest bathroom remodel in Cumming, Georgia by following our remodeling blog and our facebook page. This Cumming bath has been around so long, the chevron wallpaper is cool again! It's equally cool owners are looking forward to a bath that suits their current lifestyle. Want to know what they're planning? Stay tuned!