Thursday, May 16, 2013

Celebrating Service Excellence In Remodeling

AK Complete Home Renovations Recognized among North America’s Best
Customer Service Leaders within the Residential Construction Industry
GuildQuality’s 2013 Guildmaster Award Honors AK Complete Home Renovations

Marietta, GA May 16, 2013- AK Complete Home Renovations in Marietta, Georgia, has been awarded a 2013 Guildmaster Award for exceptional customer service. GuildQuality, an independent customer satisfaction surveying company, has powered the Guildmaster Award since 2005 to celebrate service excellence in the building, remodeling, contracting, and home services professions.

AK was selected as one of the over 200 North American builders, remodelers, developers, and contractors recognized by GuildQuality for their superior delivery of customer care.

Over the past few months, GuildQuality reviewed numerous survey responses submitted by customers of Guildmaster candidates. In granting awards, GuildQuality considers two primary metrics for each candidate: the percentage of customers who would recommend and the percentage of customers who responded. AK achieved a recommendation rate of greater than 90% from their customers, who were surveyed through GuildQuality.

"AK is honored to receive this distinct honor and we thank all of our clients who have given us their business, their trust and support over the past 18 years of business;” said AK president, Ed Cholfin, "we especially appreciate all of our clients participating in the surveys for referring their friends and family to AK!"

For more on the 2013 Guildmaster Award and qualifications, visit

Friday, May 10, 2013

Dream Kitchen: What's Yours?

 If you could design your dream kitchen, what would it have? We don't just mean the latest trend or practical storage. We mean, if you could create an item for your kitchen from your DREAMS what would it be?


  • Carrerra marble countertops that never got stained, chipped and were actually affordable? 
  • Instead of a self cleaning oven, installing a self cleaning microwave, refrigerator, cooktop & floor?
  • A refrigerator that ordered it's own groceries (for delivery of course) when it was running low on an item? 
 What's in the kitchen of your dreams?

See some of AK's clients' dream kitchens here: AK Dream Kitchen Remodeling

Friday, May 3, 2013

Celebrity Kitchens: Can You Guess Who Owns These Kitchens?

  Think you know a thing or two about pop culture? Kitchen design? Celebrity style? See if you can put your knowledge to good use and guess which celebrities own these unique kitchens!  
Take a look at these three kitchens and then click on the link below to find out the answers!

1. Which Former SNL Funny Man Owns This (relatively) Subdued Spacious Kitchen? And, Yes, That Is A Real Lichtenstein!
From Architectural Digest
2. This Kitchen Will Leave You Scratching Your Head; An Out-Of-The-Box Space Owned By A Classy Celebrity Always Seen In Neutral Fashion Ensembles. Who Could It Be?
From Architectural Digest
3. This Hollywood Power Couple Have A Strong, Earthy Kitchen With Some Soft Touches. Perfect For A Famous Family To Have Some Quality Time Together!
From Architectural Digest
Sure it might be a little easier for these Hollywood residents to create the spaces of their dreams, but yours is not out of reach. Find the answers to Who Owns These Kitchens on our website and find out how to start a remodeling project of your own:

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pet Projects

  We've written about how many of our clients love their pets, and how we've customized kitchens and other spaces for these furry residents. (Kitchen Design: Gone To The Dogs) But what other pet projects are trending outside of the kitchen? We wanted to know!

Dog taking up too much room in the bed? No space for a dog bed in the living room? Check out this modified end table; home design gone to the dogs!
REALLY love your cats? These homeowners love their cats so much they customized their house especially for their furry friends. Japanese home builders Asahi Kasei designed and built the Plus-Nyan House with special features that cater to the needs of cats and their owners, including cat walks and tunnels, climbing steps, and sleeping nooks. All materials in the home resist scratching and are easy to clean, and the house encourages cat/human interactions throughout, even in the bathroom, which has a special alcove for a kitty litter box next to the toilet.

Just Practical!
This mudroom has a dog door to the yard and a doggie shower!

A little crazy about your pooch? Got some unused space under your stairs? How about an indoors dog house? Send him to his room in style! 

If you've got a boring backyard and two fiesty pups, consider an in-ground dog pool. One question though, why isn't this bone shaped?

Do your pups have to share a room? Custom furniture and matching wallpaper can make it bearable.

Beautiful kitchen customized for these pet lovers!