Let It Snow! The Best 5 Snow White Accessories

   White is a popular color in home decor right now: From vintage cabinets and furniture to marble countertops and subway tile. White has hit a resurgence and at no time is it more popular than around the holidays. What could be a more perfect representation of the innocent joy of the holidays than the color of pure snow?
     Here are 5 ways to bring this purity into your home, not just at the holidays, but year round. What's great about bringing white into your home decor via these accessories, when you start craving a bright turquoise in spring, you can easily swap these out!

-Milk White Salong Vase From IKEA

  - Painted White Mirrors Or Picture Frames

 -White Knitted Baskets From Style-Files

-Crate & Barrel's Sasha Side Chair

- Jayson Home & Garden Harriet Lamp


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