Soothing Bath Remodel: The After Pictures

   Our Cumming bathroom remodel was just recently completed; and you can see it's proud owners have already started putting their new diggs to good use. Relaxing in this jetted tub after a long day and enjoying the view is just one of the many benefits of the new bathroom.

This custom shower is a unique statement of the owner's great style!

 How about the custom height vanity and sinks? No more painful bending early in the morning and late at night. An immense boost in natural and created lighting have made the use of dark rich woods a beautiful and dramatic choice.

Try hard to look past the gorgeous tile and take a look at the door and trim work in the background. Such beautiful compliments to the colors of the bath!

If you have any questions about a bathroom remodeling project of your own, you can find out how to get started on AK's website here: Atlanta Bathroom Remodels


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