Appliance Spotlight: Drawer Dishwashers

  It's been several years since drawer dishwashers first came on the market. Fisher-Paykel launched the style, and it was followed up in recent years by other major kitchen brands. Standard dishwasher doors drop down to load, but drawer dishwashers (available in either single- or double-drawer models) pull out horizontally. At first, drawer dishwashers were thought to be the method of the future! They could save water, washing smaller loads more quickly and frequently, and be used as a second dishwasher in a large kitchen or as a single dishwasher in a smaller kitchen or bar.
  But after years on the market, these new washers have not really hit the big time yet. Why would you like, or not like, a drawer dishwasher?
   Although Fisher-Paykel has a questionable customer service record, many fans
still say their dishwasher is the best on the market. Each drawer can hold up to seven separate place settings, with the top drawer having the ability to hold 13-inch diameter plates, while the bottom drawer can hold plates up to 11 1/2-inches in diameter. It features nine separate wash programs, and each dishwasher drawer can be operated independently or at the same time. Each drawer can be programmed for a separate wash cycle even when washing dishes in both drawers simultaneously. The unit has adjustable racking in both drawers, a flow through detergent dispenser, concealed wash cycle controls, a remote control to start and pause the dishwasher, a 12-hour start delay and only uses about 2 gallons of water per drawer.
   Most of the Fisher-Paykel and KitchenAid drawer dishwashers DO come cabinetry panel ready; so they can be integrated into your custom remodeled kitchen


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