Remodeling: Not The Prettiest Part...

  Been through a remodel before? Then you know demolition is NOT the prettiest part of the project. It can be downright scary for a homeowner. Seeing cabinets coming out, flooring ripped up, tile coming down...During this part of the remodel you are constantly thankful for the fact you chose a remodeler that you trust! AK knows this and we are more than happy to answer extra questions from clients during this step of the process. We also take extra care to make sure the jobsite is protected and as little dust and mess as humanly possible drifts in to the rest of the house! We've lived through remodeling projects ourselves; we know what it's like!

   Remember this bathroom from our "Goodbye Master Bath" blog?

Well have a peak at it now!

What do you think of these beautifully bold walls and neutral tile? 
Doesn't it pick up a hint of the red just perfectly? 
Stay tuned to see how we work all the products and materials into this beautiful palette!


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