What Makes A Bad Kitchen?

  Ugly kitchens. We've all seen them. We may even have one! But what makes an ugly kitchen...ugly? And how can you avoid a design disaster when you're thinking of a kitchen renovation? Find out what makes a kitchen go BAD!

-Taking A Theme Too Far-
Yes, rustic and shabby chic are "IN" - But this? This is "OUT." Literally. This belongs in a fort. Add in rustic elements to a neutral palette to let your personal tastes shine through without limiting your future potential!

-Too Many Functions-

Everyone knows clutter can be a kitchen killer, case in point above, but trying to put too many functions into one space can lead to a serious clutter problem. When space in your home is limited, reduce items you store or display to the items you use daily and weekly.

-Less Is More-
Tile, tile, everywhere. The quantity of tile + the choice of dark grout creates a dizzying look. Add in the natural oak and the boxed overhead lighting and this is a NOT a kitchen anyone feeling faint. Remove just ONE of these elements (preferably all 3) and the feel would dramatically change!

-DIY Gone Awry-
This could also fall under the category of "Taking A Theme Too Far" and "Less Is More." Matching your range to your cabinets might sound good in theory, but the actual application can be a nightmare! If you are redesigning your own kitchen remember the pro's trick of COMPLIMENTING colors, textures and patterns - not matching!


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