Goodbye Master Bath!

  Farewell. Adios. Tchau. Train says there are 50 ways to say goodbye. We think the best way is with a 'riiiiiip' as you say goodbye to all the old fixtures in your old master bath and get ready to welcome the new!

    You can see AK's latest bathroom remodel in Cumming, Georgia by following our remodeling blog and our facebook page. This Cumming bath has been around so long, the chevron wallpaper is cool again! It's equally cool owners are looking forward to a bath that suits their current lifestyle. Want to know what they're planning? Stay tuned!


  1. No, that chevron wallpaper is NOT cool again. Sincerely, the very grateful owner of this bathroom.

    1. ...Proving that when that when trends come BACK into fashion, those of us that experienced them the first time are OVER them! ;-)


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