Children Of Aging Parents: Talking About Safety

   Americans are living longer; there is no doubt about that. The average life expectancy seems to be
increasing an average of 3 years per decade! Though many of us and our parents are living to an older age, many of us are also living longer with chronic conditions and disabilities. A shocking 4 in 10 of American adults are caregivers for elderly family members. While being a caregiver is a wonderful, challenging and loving role to play - it can be fraught with questions and roadblocks!
     One question that our clients encounter often is "How do I talk to my parents about their safety and living at home?" While we may be aging in place renovation specialists, we may not be the best family communication resource! However our years in the industry have taught us where to turn. "Talk Early...Talk Often" is a great online resource full of tips about talking to your aging parents about many sensitive topics! One important one being your concern for the safety of your parents who want to remain independent in their own home, and renovating for aging in place
   "Talk Early..." author Dale writes, "beginning the talks with your aging parents needs to be like learning to swim. You start with learning to hold your breath and put your face underwater. You don’t start with the swimming leg of a triathlon. You'll want to start small. And you do want to start now. Start while your aging parents are fairly healthy, when there are no apparent concerns. That way you do have the time to build slowly and have conversations about every area of their life and health without panic or pressure."

   Read Dale's 5 Steps to talk to your aging parents about the future here: Talking To Aging Parents 

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