Have You Met The GE Cafe Series?

   Earlier this year, GE introduce the Cafe Series Energy Star French Door Refrigerator with Hot Water Dispenser! (Available in Counter-Depth for $3099) This new refrigerator series by GE has a nice profile and a high-end look! The water and ice dispenser is an LCD touch-screen, and it comes with 4 pre-set hot water temperature settings but also allows you to customize it. We really like the large dispensing niche: suitable not only for cups and mugs but also pots, kettles, etc.
  GE says that aside from the new hot water feature their filtration system is also unique! "Water is purified through the only refrigeration filter tested and verified to remove 98% of five trace pharmaceuticals from water and ice, offering added peace of mind for your family."
   We've heard from some consumers they think this will become a "Top Of Mid-Range" refrigerator contender. We've heard the interior configuration and self-close doors are well designed. Finally, for the new parents (or grandparents) out there we've also heard the hot water feature is FABULOUS for making formula baby bottles!
    What have you heard?


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