Top 10 Springtime Yard Tips

  One of our most favorite things about spring and summer is that your home feels like it grows in size! Now your living space includes front and back yards, patios and decks; whatever you have this is the time of year we like to make the most of it! We addressed prepping your home for spring last week, but we have not forgotten about all the work that the yard requires this time of year!

 § Fertilize all your perennials, shrubs and bulbs
§ Clear away leaves from perennials. If leaves get too thick in one area, they can smother emerging perennials
§ Remove winter-worn foliage. Cut down any old leafs and prune off dead wood from any trees or shrubs
§ Work on your lawn, aerating and fertilizing, fill in the dead spots to make sure weeds don’t grow.
§ Enrich your soil in your planting areas and apply 2-4 inches of new mulch on your garden beds and trees
§ Start weeding, pull new weeds as they come up and use herbicides to kill of persistent weeds
§ Start your vegetable seeds indoors

 Want to know what grows best where you live? Check out Better Homes & Gardens: Gardening By Region



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