Lead Poisoning: Not A Thing Of The Past

  You undoubtedly know OF lead poisoning, but you most likely don't devote much of your day thinking about it. Imagine now if you had two children who were poisoned by lead during a home renovation, and suddenly the issue becomes very real to you. 
  Each year in the United States 310,000 1 - 5 year-olds are found to have unsafe levels of lead in their blood. Lead poisoning can lead to a variety of health problems in kids, including decreased bone and muscle growth, poor muscle coordination, damage to the nervous system, kidneys, and/or hearing and more.
  These facts are all too personal for Tamara Rubin. She reached out to AK to share her story:

"Hello, my name is Tamara Rubin and I wanted to personally thank you for being RRP certified!

I'm the Executive Director of the Lead Safe America Foundation (LSAF); I'm also the mother of two children who were lead-poisoned during a home renovation. LSAF is based in Portland, Oregon (where I live now and where my children were poisoned.)

By being among the first wave of American contractors to invest your time, money and effort to become RRP trained and certified, you are in a position to-in a real and fundamental way-be 'part of the solution rather than part of the problem'!

As you likely know, childhood lead poisoning is, contrary to common belief, actually still a huge public health problem in this country. The cause of this problem is primarily ignorance-a lack of knowledge and education on the part of homeowners & landlords, and often a lack of proper training and consistent observance of lead-safe work practices among the nation's many (uncertified) contractors working on older homes and buildings.

...My personal advocacy site has more than 200 pages of resources for parents and homeowners with questions: http://www.MyChildrenHaveLeadPoisoning.com


Tamara Rubin
 Executive Director
 Lead Safe America

AK is an EPA certified renovator!

Do You Have A Home Built Prior To 1978?

You can see more about Tamara &Lead Safe America, watch their trailer here:


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