AK Announces New Service For Prospective Homebuyers

New Professional Design Service

  AK receives many inquiries from prospective homebuyers and their real estate agents interested in getting a professional opinion on the renovation potential of the house they're hoping to buy. These days many homebuyers are finding great homes in great neighborhoods at great prices, but the houses might not contain everything they hoped to find. Whether the kitchen is outdated, or the deck is in desperate need of attention or an addition is needed - an AK professional can help!     

   A pre-purchase home remodeling consultation is slightly different than the consultation you would receive if you were already living in the home and were starting a project immediately. During your pre-purchase appointment an AK professional will tour the space with you, take measurements, talk with you about your hopes for you new home and your goals for your potential renovations. Shortly after your appointment you will receive a professional estimate for the renovations discussed during your appointment. 

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