Kitchen Renovation Splurges!

  We've been talking a lot about kitchen design trends lately, and Columbia CabinetWorks from upstate New York, took it one step further detailing 8 kitchen renovation splurges that their design team whole-heartedly recommends! Many of these elements are essential parts of good kitchen design, while others are recommended materials that many designers think are work the extra cost because of their unique appeal. What do you think? Check out Columbia CabinetWorks 8 Kitchen Splurges and let us know!

  "The kitchen is the centerpiece of a home, so why not give it the love and attention it needs and deserves? For your next renovation, show your kitchen some love with these designer favorites.

Natural Light
 Add a feel of cheerful richness into your kitchen with sunlight. Your space will be brighter than ever before. By working through design elements, you can incorporate new windows, skylights or French doors into the kitchen area.

Butler’s Pantry
Historic Butler's Pantry
Fuse old-world elegance and new-world practicality by creating a butler’s pantry. This small area between your kitchen and dining room is great for prepping tableware and food courses.

Custom Cabinetry
Columbia CabinetWorks - Wood Mode
Forget store bought and have the kitchen fitted with cabinetry. No kitchen is the exactly the same, so the space will be customized based on your needs. Your room will not only be designed to handle daily functions, but will also look stunning through the years!

Statuario Marble Backsplash - Columbia CabinetWorks
For an elegant and subtle look, marble is a beautiful addition in the kitchen. The material can be used in various areas, including backsplashes and countertops.

Lounge Life
Modern Kitchen Open Floor Plan - Columbia CabinetWorks
When you design the kitchen to also act as a great room, you have a space that’s truly welcoming. Create an inviting space by incorporating a fireplace, multimedia entertainment system and/or cozy seating area.

Multiple Work Stations
 Work where you want by creating multiple work stations throughout the kitchen to extend its versatility and flow. Each area would be fitted with separate sinks, counters and storage.

Walk-in Pantry
Outfitted to house nonperishable food, extra serving pieces, and miscellaneous odds and ends, having a large walk-in pantry is the perfect home luxury.

One of a Kind
Custom Kitchen Bathroom Cabinets - Columbia CabinetWorks
Every kitchen should have a distinctive element. Whether it’s a handcrafted stone countertop, Portuguese-tile backsplash or an antique hanging light fixture, incorporate at least one captivating object in your kitchen.
  Custom furniture pieces, like these hutches designed and built by AK are additional unique elements that you can incorporate into your kitchen remodel!


  1. I remodel kitchens in California. This is great advice. I'd love to put in a Butler's pantry in a kitchen on of these days.

  2. Being involved in both the cabinet and the tile business it is amazing what customers will spend on either cabinet or backsplash upgrades. Some customers do not even blink at the price as long as it looks the way they want it. Others, are price concerned and try to get a look on budget.


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