Kitchen Design Professionals: Submissions Wanted

Hello Kitchen Design Professionals!
AK is putting together a video around '2013 Kitchen Trends' and would like your ideas, opinions & contributions! If you're interested in being featured in this video that will be on AK's website, YouTube and all our SM channels, we would love to get the following:

-Take a short video of yourself describing what trends you're seeing, or what trends your expecting in kitchens for 2013. These can be popular materials, appliances, colors, styles...anything! The video should be 1-2 minutes max and we reserve the right to edit videos as time limits require. A simple video shot from your phone or webcam will do! (as long as the lighting is good!)

-Email the video to info@akcompletehomerenovations
.com and please include: your name, any certifications, your company's name and your website as you would like them to appear in the final video. 
-If you have any images you would be willing to let us include that depict the trend you are describing, please send them in a separate email! We will attribute all images as requested.
 Please Submit All Of Your Videos & Images By 1/16/13


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