Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Remodeling: Does Size Matter For Kitchens?

 We asked the Hometalk crowd this very question, and so far they seem to agree with us. It's not about the size - it's about the function!

Does a kitchen have to be big to be beautiful? Can small kitchens satisfy? We think that beautiful kitchens come in all shapes and sizes! 

Here is what REALLY matters:
1. It's not the size, it's the functionality! Create a kitchen that functions for You! When remodeling an Atlanta kitchen, we consider everything from the families' shopping habits to the chefs' heights to ensure we create a space that works for the family that lives there!
See how AK listens and learns about our remodeling clients in order to design specifically for them: Kitchen Remodeling Questionnaire
2. Proper landing and prep space and adequate/comfortable traffic flow are possible even in smaller kitchens. If you don't entertain and prefer a smaller kitchen, there is nothing wrong with that!
3. If resale is a consideration either now or in the future, factor that in to all your kitchen decisions when you remodel. Whether you love big or small kitchens, consider the opposite point of view to ensure some universal appeal if you'll need to sell your home in 5 - 7 years.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall Decor: 5 Fabulous Fall Mantles

 When the fall spirit hits you, it's tempting to gather pumpkins, cornstalks and hay bales and autumn-ize your front porch. Only, once you walk inside, the feeling is gone!? Here's a beautiful and relatively simple way to add some fall decor to your home: Your mantle! Much decorated during the winter holidays, the mantle is often neglected the rest of the year. It's a great focal point to add, change and update your decor seasonally - a big impact for little effort. Take a look at these inspiration pieces:

Orange, moss, white, ocher and dark plum. Unbeatable & traditional. Look at the Fall Streamer!  
Great color contrast, and all pieces that can be easily purchased at a craft store. Kids art in a fall frame would really add a personal touch! adds a little whimsy with natural materials for a soft look.
We're showing this one with the kind disclaimer that we'd like to rip the poorly done streamer down! (If it was fitted around the mantle, it might be ok!) Love the pine cones, candles and wood in all forms!
Unlike the others, this one from is done is all neutral tones. We love this look!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Upcycling: Plastic Bags

 We were intrigued by the Hometalk post from Donna C, of Marietta Georgia, about crocheting plastic bags into large tote bags. According to Donna, instead of yarn, she made this out of plastic bags (yes. as in grocery store plastic bags.) and it took about 100 to make.

  Besides being environmentally friendly, this bag is flexible, washable (soap and water rinse, not machine) and doesn't stain! Donna uses this one as a car tote, to hold snacks and to even keep by the sink to put peels and skins in and tote to the trash. Amazing, and simple, isn't it? We think this is a great idea, and can't wait to see Donna's new larger bag for toting groceries!

  Apparently, making bags out of bags is not unique to Donna or Marietta. We found some interesting ideas for clearing that load of plastic bags out of your house without putting them in the landfill!

All you need to make this bag to the left is
 - 30-40 Plastic grocery bags. 
 - Parchment Paper
- Iron 
Find out more here: Upcycled Grocery Tote

   Finally, here's another fun blog with ideas and instructions for fusing plastic: We can't wait to hear what you all come up with? Think outside of the shopping bag! ;)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

BreezeDry: Eco-Friendly Dryer Alternative

Somewhere between a clothes-line and a power-sucking electric dryer....Meet BreezeDry!

The BreezeDry system is an advanced drying appliance that offers a gentle, eco-friendly alternative to traditional dryers. An easy to use touch screen lets you choose either natural, eco- friendly outdoor air, indoor air or gently warmed air to perfectly and safely dry your clothes. Sophisticated precision sensors monitor moisture directly from the clothes to ensure efficient, perfect drying every time.

 With their integrated styles, we thought this might be an ideal feature for our future laundry room renovations. What do you think? Would you use this as your only dyer, or in addition to a regular dryer?

  If anyone has experience with this product - we'd love to hear your thoughts! You can learn more about BreezeDry on their website:

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Kitchen Design: Gone To The Dogs!

  Inspired by many of our clients whose pets are part of the family, AK has created several custom pet spaces during our kitchen remodels around Atlanta. We thought we'd share some very unique pet friendly spaces to inspire your future remodel. If you're a pet lover like us, you might just consider asking AK to create a Fido-friendly place in your kitchen!

Crates are ugly and take up precious space. How about a safe area for your little fur friends that is actually beautiful and functional? This design is from Kitchen Cabinet Kings.

This fantastic built-in bed gives Fido a place to be with you in the kitchen so he's not under foot! This design is from Kim at Remodeling Therapy.

If you don't like the idea of an open dog bed in the kitchen, how do you feel about a doggie hiding spot? If you've gone to this much effort for your pet, we think you should have also thought about a custom feeding spot too!

A custom kitchen island!

This is a custom pet furniture piece that can be purchased and put into any kitchen. (We believe this one is from Skymall!)

Not custom, but creative & inspired! This would be great for a mud room or laundry room.

If you have the space, this is a great pet-station for the laundry, garage, mudroom, etc!

Instead of toe-kick on this cabinet, a pull-out drawer with food bowls was designed & built. Great use of space!
Roll-Out Food Storage! Smart, right?