Who Knew The North Pole Was So Shabby Chic?

"...Op op op op Oppan North Pole Style..." 

   While the thought of intentionally decorating your home to look like Santa's workshop and the North Pole may be laughable, much like our Gangnam Style reference, when you see what we mean you may be singing a different tune! While watching Elf this year, a family holiday favorite, we watched Buddy the Elf humorously trudge through his daily routine at the North Pole and suddenly thought, "I wonder what paint color they used for the Elf's houses? What stencils? What faux techniques?"
   All of you diy and home trend enthusiasts can sympathize with this inability to shut off your "designer side", even during a pretty hilarious movie. What caught our eye was the similarity in the North Pole home movie sets to many trendy decorating techniques we're seeing today, 9 years after the movie was made. Take a look:
Grey, tone on tone painted and distressed wood. 

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Luxury In Gray

  Adapting this North Pole Style can be beautiful and easy! There are no shortage of projects and how-to's on Hometalk: www.Hometalk.com You can even search for shabby chic, gray paint or whatever you're looking for! 
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