Write On Your Wall: Facebook Not Required

  Do you remember life before Facebook? When a song, a phrase or a moment struck you - you maybe wrote it down but didn't share it with the entire world. While we're all for social media, we also love the idea of special, thoughtful, family communications.
  That's why this idea inspired us. Sure we've seen chalkboards before: chalkboard tables, chalkboard walls, chalkboards in pictures frames...But what inspired us was the intention for using this one! Besides just being a place for kids to doodle, or keep an all-encompassing family calendar, we like the idea of having a special chalkboard in your home as your family "Facebook page."
    Each day, or whenever the mood strikes you, this is the place each member of your family can share a thought, a quote, a message of love, encouragement or care. As we see on all the social media sites, sometimes it's easier to write and share feelings we might be timid to otherwise express.
   We just love this idea as a way to remind your busy teenager how you feel about them, inspire your stressed-out spouse before a busy day at work, teach the wisdoms of the ages...What would you write on your wall?


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