Beware Of The Lowest Price

  We're not sure exactly how many times we've talked about how and why choosing a contractor based on the price alone is a very poor idea, but it's a lot! We turned on the news this morning and thought we'd share another example from right here in Georgia:

Homeowners say cabinet-maker scammed them out of thousands of dollars -

Homeowners across north Georgia said a cabinet-maker was promising low prices for high-quality work, but his advertisement online was a scheme that wiped them out of thousands of dollars.  Authorities said Joe Alan Graham was arrested on a theft by deception charge.

But Graham was confident he'd beat the charges as Franklin County deputies took him off to jail, Channel 2's Tony Thomas said. An investigation found that Graham bills himself across the Internet as a semi-retired cabinet-maker with prices 40 to 50 percent cheaper than the big retailers.  

  Our hearts go out to the unsuspecting customers who were taken in by this man. During a time when many families are struggling to make ends meet, it's impossible to say price is not a factor. Price is always a factor! The important thing is to look for the right price, not the lowest price.
  Other things like checking references, and earning and building trust are critical aspects of choosing a contractor or a remodeler. 

We encourage everyone to get more information about selecting remodelers by visiting these resources on the web:  


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