Upcycling: Plastic Bags

 We were intrigued by the Hometalk post from Donna C, of Marietta Georgia, about crocheting plastic bags into large tote bags. According to Donna, instead of yarn, she made this out of plastic bags (yes. as in grocery store plastic bags.) and it took about 100 to make.

  Besides being environmentally friendly, this bag is flexible, washable (soap and water rinse, not machine) and doesn't stain! Donna uses this one as a car tote, to hold snacks and to even keep by the sink to put peels and skins in and tote to the trash. Amazing, and simple, isn't it? We think this is a great idea, and can't wait to see Donna's new larger bag for toting groceries!

  Apparently, making bags out of bags is not unique to Donna or Marietta. We found some interesting ideas for clearing that load of plastic bags out of your house without putting them in the landfill!

All you need to make this bag to the left is
 - 30-40 Plastic grocery bags. 
 - Parchment Paper
- Iron 
Find out more here: Upcycled Grocery Tote

   Finally, here's another fun blog with ideas and instructions for fusing plastic: http://thegingerpennypincher.wordpress.com/tag/upcycling-grocery-bags/ We can't wait to hear what you all come up with? Think outside of the shopping bag! ;)


  1. Nice idea! I hope that everyone will be educated on this and have an idea on what to do with all those plastic wrapper and bags.


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