BreezeDry: Eco-Friendly Dryer Alternative

Somewhere between a clothes-line and a power-sucking electric dryer....Meet BreezeDry!

The BreezeDry system is an advanced drying appliance that offers a gentle, eco-friendly alternative to traditional dryers. An easy to use touch screen lets you choose either natural, eco- friendly outdoor air, indoor air or gently warmed air to perfectly and safely dry your clothes. Sophisticated precision sensors monitor moisture directly from the clothes to ensure efficient, perfect drying every time.

 With their integrated styles, we thought this might be an ideal feature for our future laundry room renovations. What do you think? Would you use this as your only dyer, or in addition to a regular dryer?

  If anyone has experience with this product - we'd love to hear your thoughts! You can learn more about BreezeDry on their website:


  1. This seems to be great innovative and beneficial product..Should really give a try and check out.

  2. Intriguing concept - I think you would still need a normal dryer for towels


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