The Kitchen Sink

Copper Farmhouse Sink By AK
  We're not sure when it happened, when "the kitchen sink" became synonymous with a full arsenal or the tipping point of having it all. But we all hear and understand without question phrases like "They hit everything we threw at them, including the kitchen sink" or "It's a very large number. It almost feels like the entire kitchen sink went into this restructuring program."   Isn't it funny how such an integral item in all our lives can start to take on such a larger meaning? 
   We deal with kitchen sinks in the more traditional sense: the actual sink. While it's colloquial meaning and use demonstrates its importance to the family and society, we have to think daily of it's literal importance in the kitchen of it's owner! There are many kinds of kitchen sinks with undermount stainless steel sinks still holding on to their top ranking. Farmhouse sinks are also popular choices for the kitchen with ceramic and copper being two of the best material choices. 
   Trough sinks and seamless sinks are up-and-comers which we haven't seen in too many residential remodels around Atlanta yet. With so many options for sinks, single bowls to multiple bowls of different sizes, shapes and depths, when you're shopping for a sink, or talking to your remodeler, you'll need to consider the size of the room and how you'll use the sink. Large multibasin models, which are popular right now, will overpower a small kitchen.
  The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) suggests a standard 22X24-in. single-bowl model for kitchens less than 150 sq. ft. (the bowl itself measures about 16 X 21"). For larger kitchens, you can consider the added convenience of double and triple bowls that allow you to stack the dishes in one bowl while you rinse off vegetables in the other. 
    If you don't have a specific sink in mind when you're starting a kitchen remodel, ask your professional remodeler to make a recommendation. When AK includes a kitchen sink in an estimate, we have taken the time to ask the client how they use their kitchen: from shopping, to cooking to eating and more, we need to know about the family that uses the space so we can make all our product and material recommendations accordingly. In our link of work, including everything but the kitchen sink, just wouldn't cut it!


  1. In our renovation 3 years ago everything we heard was a large single bowl sink. Now after living with it I would opt for a low divide by Kohler - they had a porcelain option but not in stainless steel and we have heard the comments from clients who have selected porcelain for their sinks - they show everything as stain. If you leave a tea bag or dump coffee you see it staring at you next time you come the the sink. Clearly stainless is the material of choice and one large single bowl is very hard to rinse down. A low divide would perfect for all situations.

    Peggy Golden

  2. Great Ideas for home renovation. I like the sink deigns you have provided. We can choose different designs and can discuss which designers which will suit to the best in our kitchen.

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