Like Comparing Apples & Oranges

  If you've been searching for a contractor, or Atlanta remodeling company to work with, you may have noticed many companies have at least one thing in common. Free Estimates!  It's quite common for remodeling professionals to offer Free Estimates! of the renovation work you're looking to have done. It sounds like a good deal, and when it's free, what's the harm in getting a couple of different estimates to see how they stack up?
   In a world of FREE it can be hard to know if there are any major differences between estimates. When searching for professionals to work on your remodeling project you may have unknowingly (or knowingly) contacted a contractor, a design firm, a handyman and a design/build firm. Even if what you told each and every one of these companies was absolutely identical it is certain that that their estimates of the work to be done will be completely different.     
   AK Complete Home Renovations is a design/build remodeling firm. Our estimates are not going to be the same as the contractors, the handymans and not even another design/build firms! Let us tell you a little about AK's free initial estimates:
   AK's budgetary estimate is based on what you, the prospective client, tell us you want and the design and materials discussed during your initial consultation . All the allowances included for the work to be done are based on historical averages of actual costs from our last 17 years of business; then they are adjusted for current material and labor costs. An AK estimate will include every aspect of the project. For example, if you need a sink we don't just give you a quote for the sink! We include changing out the drain piping, waterlines, clamps, shutoff valves, etc. It's an all-inclusive quote!
   What separates an AK estimate from nearly every other is that our allowances for materials are intentionally quite healthy (large) so the customer shouldn't expect to see an increase in their budget unless they make a change to the quoted materials.
AK does NOT give you the LOWEST price, we give you the RIGHT price!
    While some companies may tell you the lowest possible price in order to make their estimate more attractive, AK is more interested in your long term satisfaction. If you find that what you want does not match with what you want to spend, AK will be happy to revisit the estimate with you and make suggestions for scope or product changes that can help to get you where you need to be!


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