An Alternative To Traditional HVAC Systems - Mini-Split

  Maybe we were feeling hot, but this article caught our eye as a great alternative to new HVAC for home additions or areas of an existing home that have a hard time staying cool (or warm!) The article was posted by residential design company, LG Squared, you can check them out here:
  They call this type of heating and cooling "on demand", or "pay as you go" in reference to ducted or ductless mini-split systems. Ductless air conditioning can be the perfect solution for sunrooms, room additions, computer data rooms, small offices, garage conversions and more!
   LG Squared writes, "Everything about these systems are variable, efficient, quiet, great for good indoor air quality, and extremely effective. What more would you want in an HVAC system? Contrary to what you might be thinking, or know, these systems can and DO work in all climate zones. They’ve been used in Europe, Asia, Canada, and South America for decades, and have proven themselves to be reliable. HVAC companies rave about how few call backs and/or repairs that there are with these systems...  
   Generally, they are at least 30% more efficient than conventional systems. Their official efficiency ratings (where above 16 is considered good) range from 16 – 26 SEER at full capacity, but they rarely run at full capacity (lower capacity allows for higher efficiency). So, real world SEER values are in the high 20′s, and low 30′s." Check our LG's full article by clicking here.


  1. The main advantages of mini splits are their small size and flexibility for zoning or heating and cooling individual rooms. Many models can have as many as four indoor air handling units (for four zones or rooms) connected to one outdoor unit.
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  2. Minisplit definitely a great initiative for fussy hvac:/ and i`m looking forward for it and want to get rid of my hvac failed system


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