How Would You Design The "Dallas" Kitchen?

Not Terribly Impressed With Any of The Cabinetry So Far
  According to CBS, the Dallas remake premiered this week to record ratings. Fans that were too young to even say "Who shot J.R.?" are now interested in the series reboot!
  We found the news of it's premier interesting, not because of the epic struggle of Christopher and John Ross III as they take on the alternative energy versus good ol' fashioned Dallas oil fight, but because of how the show's creators have depicted the Dallas lifestyle today!
    In particular we noticed on Twitter that fans had already spotted a Viking dual fuel range in the Southfork kitchen. Interesting since Viking was not even making their famous ranges when the first Dallas appeared on TV!  

So how would you deck out the Southfork Dallas kitchen of 2012?

   When you think of decorating Dallas style, you can't help but picture white columns, dark rich woods, paneling, crystal chandeliers, and a bit of gaudy opulence. Given this, we might have made a few different choices for the kitchen on set.
The Dallas SouthFork Kitchen
   We think the current kitchen looks a little...blah. The Viking range, and other appliances, are the most exciting parts of the whole thing! The SF on the backsplash, which we assume is supposed to look like a horse brand, looks cheap and not at all like something that would have a place in this estate.  Maybe it's for filming purposes, but some wall cabinets would have really added a lot to this set. 
   We're thinking dark wood perimeter cabinets, with white marble countertops, an accent island with corbels and columns done with painted / antiqued wood and knock-out countertop, finished off with a chandelier instead of a pot rack would have been MUCH nicer. What do you think? Post your thoughts and/or pictures!


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