The Best Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

 Kitchen backsplashes are as unique as their owners! When it comes to colors, textures, shapes and sizes your only limitation when designing a kitchen backsplash is the space you have to create. Take a look at our four favorite kinds and types of kitchen backsplash tiles, and some of the AK kitchens we've created using them.

-Simple Steel: Stainless Steel Tiles make an elegant statement in a classic or contemporary kitchen.

-Mosaics: Whether done in glass, porcelain, ceramic or stone, mosaics add great visual interest and a high-end look to any kitchen.

-Glass: Crackled or curved, glass tiles are simply stunning. The variation inherent in their creation lends the appeal that many find in natural stone. Glass is a great option for additional colors, or something a little more modern than stone.

-Stone: This natural material is hard to beat! Honed, tumbled, chiseled and pillow edged...all types of Travertine saw a meteoric rise in popularity years back. What makes this trend so unique is that it has yet to subside; and because it's a natural substance that can be used in all styles of kitchens, it's likely this backsplash will be a mainstay of kitchen design for the foreseeable future!

Need more kitchen backsplash ideas? You can find kitchen remodeling tips & trends on our website, including many backsplash ideas. Visit our kitchen ideas page, here: Atlanta Kitchen Remodel
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