Not the little things your browser blocks; we're talking about the real, edible and delectable concoctions you sought after your entire childhood! This "Let's Blog Off" topic is so open, we feel a little vulnerable. Cookies...cookies...cookies... The first thing that comes to mind, honestly, is kitchen remodeling and the ease and excitement of baking cookies in a newly remodeled kitchen. But, that's not a surprise. Considering it's what we do day in and day out we make it our business to relate almost any topic, and steer almost any conversation towards kitchen remodeling. (It's quite an unappreciated talent, and easier to do than you may think...)
NOT The Way We Recommend Baking Your Cookies
  So what do you need to bake cookies? Among other things, an oven! It seems that in our brief unscientific survey on this subject we found that experts are split on whether gas or electric is the best oven choice for baking. However the consensus is that convection is a must! A good convection oven will have three heating elements: top, bottom and rear, with a fan connected to the latter. As the oven pulls in outside air, it's heated immediately and circulated. The airflow draws the moisture out of the breads, cakes and cookies, giving you even baking and delightful texture: flaky crusts, crisp pastries and light, fluffy croissants. (
  Finally, we will wrap up our stream of conscious cookie blog with some uncommon cookie-baking tips:
  • Reduce Flour In Your Recipe by 3 Tablespoons to 1/4 Cup
  • Chill the Dough Before Baking
  • Use a Silicone Rolling Pin
  • Use an Insulated Baking Sheet  
And if the convection oven and those 4 tips don't leave you with the most delicious cookies you've ever baked, then you might just want to check out some of these other cookie blog posts!


  1. Hey, any blog that ends up talking about kitchen design can't be all bad!

  2. Never thought of the dashboard method :) Love how you still incorporated work in such a way to bring it full circle.

  3. Very curious about the reduction of flour tip?! Great post and love the photo!!

    1. Apparently less flour means moister cookies!

  4. Love that pic, post & tie in. As an FYI on the flour which I alluded to in mine - most people end up packing to much into the cup, so by slightly reducing the amount, the flour can only absorb so much leaving one with a softer more moist cookie instead of a hard skipping stone

  5. I agree about the oven. Most Italian domestic ovens are a disaster for cookies!


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