Kim Lewis: EXTREMEly Talented

  You know her work, but you might not know her name. Kim Lewis is the talent behind many of ABC Extreme Home Makeovers' remarkable architectural transformations. Over 75 of them to be exact. Each one of her concepts are unique to the home and, most importantly, the family. One of the most notable among them is a home in Pine Mountain Valley, Georgia. "This was one of my VERY favorite house designs in all my career thus far," Kim said. "On this project, I designed the architecture and exteriors of this Contemporary Ranch. The house plan, shaped like an 'L', featured an open courtyard, where two interior garage doors revealed the living room and therapy room, creating one phenomenal indoor/outdoor living space. While the parents were in the kitchen/living space, they could see and hear their son in the therapy/play room. Words do not do it justice..."So she gave us pictures which we're sharing with you!

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   AK was provided with the opportunity to talk to Kim in regards to color trends - in particular Pantone's 2012 color of the year: Tangerine Tango. Silestone, a familiar solid surface product, offers several color choices to coordinate with this years honorary orange hue. Kim has been promoting the selections and offering advice about using these bold choices in your home:
    "For consumers who like the color Tangerine, but are concerned with the timelessness of the color...I suggest using the color in your accessories. Accessories are easy to change out. For your kitchen, try punching some color in this space with tangerine graphic print linen napkins, or a tangerine vase on your island to give the room a focal point of color. In the bathroom, pop this cheerful color in the room with a piece of art or even orange storage boxes for your favorite bath products. To really transform a space easily, paint a focal wall with the 2012 color. Paint is also simple and more affordable to change. When using this color, just be sure the color palette around it is neutral, so the orange doesn't have any competition on the eye. "
Silestone's Orange Cool
    Kim would love to see "consumers start having more fun with color in their own home. Ideally, I would like to see the new Silestone countertop colors on a kitchen island. These colors demand attention, so let them be center stage in your kitchen! Ideally, the cabinetry and perimeter countertops would be white or steel gray, to compliment the tangerine tones. "    Kim shared a great example of how she and the other designers on EMHE applied this accent color concept to a kitchen in Baltimore. "...Last year in Baltimore our team on ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, designed this kitchen for an all girls home. Note how we used the "Pink Love" as the focal point for the countertop on the island. The rest of the space is more neutral in tone."

    The Baltimore kitchen is a fabulous example of taking something that you love (pink or tangerine) and using it in a classic and upscale way. This kitchen is unique and truly a modern day classic with a personal touch. The AK design team believes that our homes should be beautiful reflections of ourselves and that Kim's work, and advice, does a great job of applying this concept. There are ways to incorporate current trends, and even "unusual" tastes or styles, in ways that will not negatively effect resale value.
    AK's thanks go to Kim Lewis, Silestone and Sharp Communications!


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