How To Hang A Picture

 Doesn't it seem like sometimes the easiest of tasks can elude even the smartest among us? Take hanging a picture for example; doesn't seem like there's much to it: Picture in frame, nail, hammer. Right? Wrong! This task is deceptively easy as there are right and wrong ways to hang a picture. A well executed plan for wall design can make or break a room, and a crooked frame can drive a guest simply mad! 

Alright, so it might not be rocket science, but using a few expert tricks might really change the look of a few rooms in your home without much work.
 First, we love this wall inspiration gallery we found on Pinterest:

  Ideally you'll have one of these templates in mind before you order the prints or shop for the frames. If you have a bunch of framed pictures at home, bring them all to a central location and fit them into one of these designs like pieces of a puzzle! When you lay them all out on a table you might be pleasantly surprised how some of the different frames work together. Remember that the frames don't have to match (but they can) it's just nice when they compliment each other and don't compete for attention. (does that make you think of the little munchkins that are likely in the frames?)

  Here are some good and bad examples:

Simple. Doable. Nice. (
Not a fan of this one...The brown frames seem to compete with each other and bring no feeling of symmetry to the layout.

Too much - Too much! And the spacing is off... (
Ok, not pictures but you get the idea. Painting different frames the same color is neat! (
Nicely done despite have a ton of pictures. Great way to work in the family initials and multiple colors, sizes, styles, etc. (
 And, while we may not be big proponents of getting your kitchen from Lowes, we have no problem taking some picture hanging tips from them. Check out this helpful YouTube video!


  1. Photo wall galleries are such a growing trend. Knowing the tricks to hang a picture will make the DIYer's job much easier!


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