They Can't Take Our Freedom (to cook with big pots)

  Anyone who has been waiting to jump into the world of induction cooking is celebrating with a Braveheart-esque moment and the release of the Thermador Freedom Induction Cooktop. We've been reading blogs from kitchen designers around the country who are all excited to test and introduce this product to clients. Why?
  Well, for anyone new to our blog, induction technology uses magnets instead of a burner to heat what is inside of a pot; not the pot itself. (The pot must be a conducive material appropriate for induction cooking) Induction cooktops can generally boil 8 cups of water in 1 1/2 minutes while keeping the cooking surface completely cool. This is an incredibly attractive feature for those concerned with aging-in-place or those with young children in the home...or simply those with sub-par patience.
  So what is so neat about the new Thermador Freedom? It is a Full Service induction appliance. You are no longer limited to the small cooking circles which many domestic chefs complained were not large enough, or did not fit their cookware correctly. A good fit is essential for induction cooking, otherwise the pot does not heat properly. The Thermador Freedom also uses natural mapping user interface feature - it recognizes size, shape and position of the pots. If you move the pots while you're cooking, the cooktop will sense this - recognize the move on the control panel - and adjust the cooking position. Here's a demonstration:

   The Thermador Freedom cooktop will be available in July of 2012 and is set to retail for $4,949. May be a budget stretch for a typical kitchen remodel, but is sure to be a must-have for some inspired chefs!
   What do you think? Is this a must-have?


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