The Stage Is Set For A Stunning Johns Creek Renovation

The setting: Johns Creek, Georgia.
The home: A lovely single-family house in a sought-after Atlanta suburban area. 
Much loved for decades, this home was looking a little dated.
The cast: A talented, service-oriented remodeler and the dashing and darling homeowners

The owners knew they needed to make the decision to update this home with universal design elements for aging-in place or remodel in preparation to sell.

The owners of this home decided that this was not to be their "forever" home and contacted AK Complete Home Renovations to begin a special process to update and renew their home prior to putting it on the market. 

With such a specific vision, making design decisions to suit the target demographic and making wise investments was key! Along with the homeowners, AK created a plan to remodel and update nearly the entire home. Have a look...


The Master Bathroom
The cabinets here will be painted/faux finished, the countertops will be replaced with granite, new sinks, new plumbing and light fixtures!

 The Kitchen
To keep the price competitive for resale the kitchen cabinets will remain and will be painted/faux finished as well but the interiors will be updated with some customized storage solutions. The kitchen will also get granite, stainless steel appliances, under cabinet lights, recessed cans & shelves on either side of the windows to take advantage of the open space.

Notes From The Homeowners 
  • " Just think how exciting it is for us to share this with you as our home evolves from sketches and plans to reality. The 'team': Ed, Miguel and Jorge, are just fabulously helpful and informative. As Ed says, there are no stupid questions, and I'm always asking questions!"
  • "Ed's been good about reminding me that some of these improvements are not so much for me but for the *next* owner. You have to think like a buyer while preparing it as the seller. I am trying to see the house as someone else is going to see it in their five minutes as they walk through. There has to be elements of comfort, practicality, and even a little luxury. The goal might be a starter family or a starter house but the finished product has to be someone's HOME. I'm not the original owner, my husband is, and I don't have the emotional attachment that he has to the house but he's becoming more excited with each change and/or improvement. There are things that should have been changed long ago but his needs and view of the house where different than they are now as we near retirement age. We're on the OTHER side of the hill from our potential buyer--they're going up, we're slowly starting our descent.
    Ed's advice has been invaluable in this respect too."


  1. Nice and great work on this one. I love what you did here. It looks amazing.


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