Is Bamboo Right For You?

 Commercial remodelers and business owners are experiencing what residential remodelers had to learn the hard way: Despite it's vast advantages...Beware Of Bamboo! This not because bamboo is a bad product. In fact, it's fantastic! Lovingly referred to as "the vegetable alternative to steel" bamboo is strong, "green" and beautiful! Homeowners, business owners and contractors alike need to be wary of bamboo because bamboo flooring has no grading system. It all may look similar - but the difference in quality and performance can be huge!
  Did you know bamboo harvested before it's mature can still be made into flooring that looks on the outside the same as it's matured counterpart? But young bamboo makes flooring that is brittle and can flake or crack. When it comes to bamboo, the old adage "You Get What You Pay For" applies particularly well. Checking the bamboo's documents, so to speak, is necessary to be sure you are buying a product that meets your standards for your remodeling project!
   If you're still puzzled by the products or bamboozled by can find more information on our website: Using Bamboo In Your Remodel


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