Give The Gift Of Home Improvement

 Home Depot, Ace Hardware...they all try to sell you on a similar idea. That gift cards to these stores make great gifts! That new countertop you've been pining for, the room you've been dying to paint, your dream of a spa tub can be realized with a gift card to a home improvement store. Of course you'll have to provide the free time and labor on your own; that's a gift no one can give. Or can they???
 Here's a novel idea: Give your loved one a contractor for Christmas!
 Whether it's a simple paint job that you offer to foot the bill for, or a part of a whole room remodel you chip in for - it's a big gift, but a very special one. Giving someone the ability to improve their home is a gift they will appreciate for years to come. You will hold a special place in their heart - and their home!
  We might recommend you let the homeowner make the final decisions on the contractor, materials and design and simply be their silent backer. Parents - this makes a great gift for your adult children, especially those just starting out! It's an unconventional gift, and can't be wrapped under a tree, but (speaking from personal experience) it's one of the most exciting gifts to receive!


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