An Easy How To: Adding Attic Insulation

   Feeling a little chilly? Your furnace is working, but do you know where all that warm air is going? 
It's very likely some of it is escaping through your attic, as it is one of the "key heat loss areas" in every home. (obviously, right? heat rises!) It's also one place that you can add, or upgrade, your insulation without too much trouble or expense. In fact the attic is the MOST cost-effective place to add insulation.  Many experts believe a well-insulated attic can reduce year-round energy use by 20-60%, saving you money on your energy bill!
   Our friends at Owens Corning shared the following video with us, for our AK blog followers, and it is a quick & easy "How To" for adding attic insulation. A little time and effort could really help keep you much cozier at home this winter! Who
Owens Corning Attic Insulation Products can improve the energy efficiency of your home. 
This video shows you how to do it yourself. You can't go wrong with pink!


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