How To Repair Rotten Wood Ends

 Our Hometalk friend, Charles Peace, posted this fantastic tip on how to repair rotten wood ends and we wanted to share it! 

  When you come across rotted wood on your home, do you assume you must replace it? Many people automatically associate rot with replacement. However, there are many instances where  repairing it with specialty epoxy penetrants (also called consolidants) and fillers is a safe, appropriate and budget-friendly choice! Not only is this also faster than replacing the wood, but the fixed wood is actually stronger than the original. The epoxy will give the wood complete protection from moisture for decades once it is primed and painted. 

  Charles agrees that, "when faced with rotten wood ends you don't need to replace the whole piece of wood, epoxy wood filler is a very good patch. At $100./gal. it's not cheap but unlike Bondo, the material expands and contracts with the wood, never cracking around the edges. It sands very easily."

Step 1

Dig Out ALL The Soft Parts
Step 2
If The Hole Is Substantial, You Can Glue In Pieces Of PVC Trim As Filler

Step 3
Apply Epoxy Wood Filler Like A Thick Spackle

Step 4
After An Additional 'Thin' Application, Just Sand, Prime, Caulk & Paint

Images courtesy of Peace Painting of Alpharetta, GA


  1. I certainly hope I don't need to take this advice anytime soon, but thanks for the tips in case I ever need them! :)


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