Islands You'll Love

Our favorite islands aren't necessarily vacation destinations; they can be found in AK kitchens all over Atlanta! Take a look at just a few of our favorite AK islands. 

Which one is your favorite?
This distressed beauty boasts many of the kitchen's appliances as well as decorative columns and base.

This island hosts much of the kitchen's function, as well as serving as structural support. Eating, washing, has everything but the kitchen sink. has that too!

Even though it's still under construction, this island is going to be a treat to the eyes - and the mind. Hidden storage, space for seating, a farmhouse sink and high-end dishwasher are enough features to keep the homeowners utilizing this space in a new way every day!


  1. My favourite by far is the island at the top of the post. It's a hybrid of both modern and traditional design, with the silver and black colours meeting traditional post designs on the end.

  2. Thanks, John. Great assessment! We love that island to. The kitchens on your website look fantastic as well!

  3. Is the last island one of those that retract to the ground and rises with a remote control? It looks like there's a compartment at the bottom.


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