Fall For These Colors

 Even if the heat hasn't quite subsided, planning a fall project can help get you in the mood for autumn. We like these color schemes from Better Homes & Gardens; they could be applied with paint, fabrics or furniture. (Depending on if you're the kind of person who likes to change up your decor for the seasons) Even though these combinations bring out all the good feeling of fall, none of them would look out of place in summer, spring or winter!

           Plum + Sand
    Warming up a color scheme can be as easy as adding a few new accessories or embellishing those you already have. In this snug bedroom, neutral basics -- a dark wood bed frame and nightstand, tan walls, ivory chair, and duvet cover -- cozy up with plum accents in the rug, blanket, pillow, curtains, and art. Purple can represent either cool or warm parts of the color spectrum, depending on the hue. Look for shades of purple that have a slightly red hue to pull out the warm tones in a room.
    Chocolate + Rose  
      The romantic atmosphere of this living room gets its personality from pink accents and playful pattern mixing. The room is anchored by warm brown walls trimmed in pale pink, a foundation that helps balance the vibrant colors and patterns. The turquoise rug is an invigorating color that complements the dusty pink sofa and green and white chair. The muted shade of aqua in the rug combined with its floral pattern helps create the room's romantic and slightly glamorous look.
      Aqua + Brown  
        Warm and soothing doesn't have to be boring. Faux bois wallpaper adds visual texture while the dark brown upholstered headboard adds warmth to the room. An aqua coverlet and crisp white sheets keep the room on the fresh side of cozy. A symmetrical arrangement of furniture and accent pieces furthers the calming mood of the room.
      Wheat + Warm Yellow  
        Wearing a patina of age, this country-style bedroom captures the warmth of the prairie sun by splashing warm yellow underfoot and coating the walls the color of a field of wheat. A hand-carved bed provides the foundation accent for the room, but the look is on the lighter side with the help of soft shades of khaki, cream, and yellow. A woven basket and simple accents keep this room casually comfortable.


  1. I'll go for chocolate and rose. This is a very romantic combination. And besides rose red is one of my favorite color.


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