Colonial Funk

 Around the time of the thirteen original American colonies, 1607 - 1733ish, your average new American bathed no more that 2-3 times per year. According the the Colonial Williamsburg history website, "It's safe to assume that we would have found the entire Old Dominion-in fact, all thirteen colonies-afflicted with B.O. And since everyone stank, no one noticed it or recorded it for history." Despite this interesting fact - this is NOT the Colonial Funk we're talking about! (But we found the double meaning for the name quite humorous!)
  Colonial Funk is the latest, trendy way to give a traditional home a more modern spin - without competing with or counteracting it's traditional bones!
HGTV - Design On A Dime
Frank Fontana‘s colonial funk interpretation of The White House Red Room
 Where else can you pair a traditional brocade pattern and Queen Anne chairs with black lacquer wood and stainless steel?  We think this fun new style is an exciting way to combine accessories collected over time that might represent the different styles one has embraced over a lifetime. A traditional kitchen can meet a modern living room with this style...and a little blending!
  What do you think of colonial funk? Would you use this style in your home?


  1. Hi there - I work as an architect here in Houston, Texas. I stumbled across your blog and love your ideas! I especially like the mixing and blending of time periods and genres - as an architect, one of my favorite types of projects is adaptive reuse which this post really reminds me of.

    Anyways, thanks for sharing! - Aly


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